Current COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Rules at New Stoke Newington Shul (Jan 2022)


Thank you for taking the time to familiarise yourself with the current risk mitigation strategy the NSNS Council and Trustees introduced to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 spread at our in-person events. Please read this document in its entirety prior to attending our events.

  • Do not attend the event if you’re feeling unwell: We encourage you to err on the side of caution and stay at home if you feel you might be coming down with something.
  • Register in advance using the link provided in the newsletter: This will help us trace contacts in case an attendee reports a positive test result. Your data will only be kept for up to 21 days after the event. If you are unable to register in advance you are still very welcome to attend. If you are able to register this will assist us to track and trace should this be necessary.
  • Wear a face covering indoors, unless exempt: We do recommend the FFP-2 (or N95) type, but a regular face covering will do. This also applies to children in the main service.
  • Stay in your seat and try not to switch seats during the event: All seats will be laid out with 2 meters spacing and an additional portion of the room will be reserved for individuals with a preference for even stricter distancing (these seats can be requested when registering)
  • Dress warmly: Windows will be open to promote air flow and circulation. This means the venue might get colder and it’s better to come overdressed.
  • Enjoy the service:
    • If you’re offered an Aliyah, please recite the blessings from your seat. Do not come up to the Bimah. The only person at the Bimah during the Torah reading will be the person reading the Torah.
    • Whilst the Torah is processed around the room, the service leader will not be singing. You are, however, encouraged to sing during the service.
    • Exit the venue in a thoughtful manner. After Adon Olam, plan your exit in a way that will not to cause a bottle neck at the exit points.
    • There will be no Kiddush. Kiddush and all risk mitigation rules introduced in this document will be revised no later than two months after issue.
    • Do not congregate in the building. You are free to hang out outside, but please leave ample room for people to exit with at least 2 meters distance.
  • Children: We really enjoy and value having children in our services. All children and young people aged over 10 are welcome to attend our main services, but we ask that they follow the same guidance as adults regarding masks and social distancing. If you would like your child age 0-9 to attend the main service, please contact Sarah Levy ahead of time to discuss this so we can ensure your child will be able to abide by the guidance and we can allocate you appropriate seats. Children’s Services will continue to run as before. 
  • When in doubt, ask: We have a team of volunteers who can answer questions related to COVID safety on the day. Please talk to them when in doubt.