All kinds of Jewish people join our community, at different life-stages, with different families, with different financial resources. All are welcome!

Joining our shul is about believing in our project, and wanting to delve deeper in the work we’re doing, and the relationships we’re creating. Everyone is important, and all contributions are valuable.

There are two types of NSNS membership available

Full membership – this is appropriate for people who are halachically Jewish. This membership will allow you to stand for council positions and vote at the annual general meeting. Membership for the Joint Jewish Burial Society (JJBS) is mandatory for full members of NSNS and £56 per year will be charged annually for this as a separate fee. You can visit their website at:

Associate membership – this may be appropriate for some people in the following groups: those who are full members at another synagogue and don’t wish to pay into two burial schemes but wish to support NSNS; those who are part of our conversion course; non-Jewish partners; people who are not halachically Jewish but wish to be officially associated with our community.