Sukkot 2012Our shul has a tradition of celebrating Sukkot together.  Every year we find ways to celebrate this autumn harvest festival together.

Sukkot in 2017 will begin on the evening of the 4th October.






Thursday 12th Oct 6:30pm
For the first time ever, we will be celebrating Simchat Torah in Stokey Shul. It’s a relaxed, joyous occasion, with lots of dancing and singing, with drinks and snacks for adults and kids.



Chanukah 2017 begins in the evening of 12th December and ends in the evening of 20th December.

This year our Chanukah party is on Sunday 17th December from 6pm onwards, with candle-lighting at 6:30pm. There will be delicious food and drink, with lots of festival singing.

We’re also hosting a Chanukah party for preschool children on the same day, Sunday 17th December from 11am. Contact us for more information.



Please join us for our Purim party on Wednesday 28th March! Purim spiel, megillah readings, games and drinks!



After Purim we look forward to Pesach, which we mark in our community in two ways – with a Matzah ramble (a walk in the park with a matzah picnic), and an 8th Night Seder on Friday 6th April. For the first time we’ll be hosting services for the festival as well, on Saturday 7th April.



Explore Jewish questions at our study evening for the festival of Shavuot. We start with a service, followed by a potluck vegetarian dinner. Shavuot this year will be the night of Saturday 19th May.

HIGH HOLY DAYS 5779/2018

If you’re a member of Stoke Newington Shul there is no fee or ticket to come to any of our High Holy Day events. If you’re a guest you are very welcome to join us for any of the services, we do ask you to let us know when you will be attending in advance, for security purposes

Rosh Hashana 1 – Monday 10th Sept starting 9:30am – 1:30pm
Rosh Hashana 2 – Tuesday 11th Sept starting 10am

Kol Nidre – Monday 17th Sept 7pm – 9pm
Yom Kippur – Tuesday 18th Sept starting 9:30am – 7:30pm

We welcome contributions towards our costs but will never turn any one away on financial grounds. The following is a suggested donation towards our costs:

Rosh Hashana Day one £20
Rosh Hashana Day Two £10
Kol Nidre £15
Yom Kippur £25

All High Holy Day Services Combined £55 per person.