Regular classes

Parasha class

A weekly class explores the Parasha in new and interesting ways. Join us online through the zoom link here

Basic Judaism Class

In this series of classes Rabbi Roni opens up some of what the Jewish texts and teachings can say to us in our daily lives. This class assumes no prior knowledge and is an excellent entry point to learning more about Judaism. Each batch of classes focusses on a particular topic, which is announced in advance through the shul newsletter. Mondays at 8pm.

Talmud Study 

Slightly more advanced than the Basic Judaism Class, Talmud Study is based in classical Jewish texts such as mishnah and gemara. Some previous familiarity with Talmud and Hebrew is an advantage, but no barrier to the fun if you’re up for giving it a go. Texts are provided in translation but there will be opportunities to grapple with the original language, and to engage with complex and challenging ideas. Tuesdays during term-time at 8pm. We have a WhatsApp! Contact rabbi Roni if you are interested to find out more.